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Todd Svecla

Todd Svecla has been director of Hats Off Management Group for over 15 years.
Hats Off Management Group, started by his wife Lisa is a small business focused and dedicated to promoting the Arts for today's youth through dance workshops, student dance teacher training programs, vocal competitions and assistance, support and dedication to these artists to pursue their dreams and future goals.
Calgary's Junior Singing Idol ran successfully for over 8 years with many of the young vocal talent pursuing and achieving their dreams. It was well received throughout the city and many hometown celebrities were a part of the judging panel at each event.
Todd is also the Managing director of Premiere Dance Academy along with his wife Lisa (Horvath) Svecla.
Many "hats" have been worn by Todd over the years from art curator, entertainment provider for major corporations, event coordinator, kick off to "stampede season" shows and events, some film work, contractual agreements, resume and contract writing and many other art related events.
His other achievements include Bachelor of Arts Degree... Minoring in philosophy and majoring in Economics.
Hats Off Management will continue to support the arts in our community and we continue to strive for positive influences and role models for today's youth.

Lisa E.J. Svecla


As a dancer her entire life from the age of 4, Lisa began her teaching Career in September of 1983. She began teaching at Premiere Dance Academy in September of 1984 and in September of 1999 she became the Owner and Artistic Director of the studio.

The 2013 – 2014 dance season, marked a huge Anniversary for Lisa – her 30th Season with the studio, and she is thrilled to be able to still be doing what she loves best. Working with the dancers, creating new pieces, watching the dancers grow into amazing people and using their talents and their passion for her first love too…

Lisa is kept very busy with teaching, adjudicating, choreographing and her two daughters who are competitive dancers and adjudicating from coast to coast in Canada.

Premiere Dance Academy students have won many awards and recognition for their routines. Lisa is proud of each and every student, teacher and choreographer for all of the outstanding work and efforts made every year at the Recitals and Competitions.

Many of the dancers from PDA are now performing on Broadway …most recently Lisa LaTouche in Shuffle along, shows in Las Vegas, on Cruise Ships, in MTV videos, Ballet Companies and in many other facets of the Performing Arts.

Lisa has other undertakings such as…choreographed the Opening Ceremonies of the World Police Fire Games (1997), also is a co-director of Hats Off Management Group, that produce many dance and singing shows(Calgary Junior Singing Idol) and other performance venues, and Summer Dance Intensive.

Lisa has also written the Calgary Board of Education Accredited Student Dance Teacher Training Program to create well trained assistant & student teachers. This program also gives dancers a better base of knowledge to become well rounded and prepared dance instructors.

Lisa was a member of Silverscreen Inc., a talent agency and in the Spring of 2010, Lisa was on set of the Heartland movie. Lisa enjoys performance opportunities in every avenue of the performing arts.

Lisa was also a member of Silverscreen Inc. a talent agency and in the Spring of 2010, Lisa was on set of the Heartland movie. Lisa enjoys performance opportunities in every avenue of the performing arts.

In 2014, Lisa has produced a collaboration choreography piece to celebrate her 30 years at Premiere Dance Academy, included 60 dancers and many many large stage props to win overall choreography awards and financial acknowledgment. Another huge production with 45 dancers in 2015 & 2016 (also a collaboration) won overalls and choreography.

September 2014, Lisa was honored to be the choreographer for The Calgary HitMen 20th Anniversary Home Opener Opening Ceremonies with 35 performers to choreograph and produce into a showcase to honor this event.

Hear the music . . . and dance!

“Always choose the path that moves in the direction of your dreams. Though your journey may be filled with many winding roads, when you are inspired to follow your dreams, you eventually find success, and discover it is less about the destination and more about the manner in which you traveled.”